Sunday, December 7, 2008

MvixBOX NAS and Torrent Server

MvixBOX NAS Gobble up Torrents into Your Gigabyte Sized Belly

Folks seem to be gobbling up all the file storage they can handle these days. We blame gigantic video files... and your full MP3 library of live Grateful Dead recordings doesn't help. The MvixBOX NAS and Torrent Server is here to satisfy your man-sized storage needs. Pop in up to 2 terabytes of hard drive storage and connect the MvixBOX to your network.

MvixBOX NAS and Torrent Server

Now you can share files, stream video, host a web server, and of course suck up all the torrents your high-speed internet can handle... hey you gotta fill that space somehow. The MvixBOX does not include any hard drives. It is an enclosure. You will need to provide and install your own drives.





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