Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Agent Cam like a Spy

Hold the Technology of an Advanced Security System in your Pocket. Keep a Close Eye on What is Most Important to You. Even more importantly, what happens while you are in the action and need an extra pair of eyes to let you know what happened that you didn’t see? Let’s face it. Our vision is limited to what we can see in the moment. The Agent Camera gives you an extra pair of eyes for a new perspective on what is going on around you. Slip it into your shirt pocket, and you’ll have access to a whole new world of information you didn’t see before.

Agent Cam

The Agent Camera was designed to be sleek and operate under the radar of those observed. It contains an internal Lithium-ion rechargeable battery so there is no long chord to hide. That’s why you almost never see a device this small without an attached chord or a large battery pack. Weighing in at the same size of a pack of gum, the Agent Cam is unlike any other Spy Device you’ve ever seen!

This tiny spy cam provides you with high quality audio and color video in a package no larger than a USB stick or a pack of gum. Easily concealable in your pocket, on a shelf, behind a picture, or wherever you need to focus your security, with the Agent Camera you’ll know for certain that you won’t miss a thing. Unfortunately we have all had something stolen from us and been lied to. The aftermath results in mistrust, accusations, and frayed relationships.

Now you can protect your loved ones with the Agent Camera and ensure there are no thieves in your home and office. Find out who is trustworthy and who is taking you for a ride. The camera will record continuously in real time for up to 3 hours! After you’re done recording simply back up your evidence on your computer with the provided USB cable. Buy this agent cam Now $149.95!





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