Saturday, May 2, 2009

Buy some Gadget for your Mother

Do you know the important celebration is coming? If you forget that this Sunday is a second Sunday of May, I just want to remind you to think about your mother in this Mother’s day celebration.

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Mother's Day is a holiday that recognizes motherhood in general and the positive contributions of mothers to society. In Canada, Mexico, and the United States, Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday of each May. We use this day to honor our mothers.

I’m sure that everybody loves his/her mother but sometimes we may ignore our mother despite the fact that she is the one who love us most. Can you imagine about the little woman who is very patient? She gestated for 9 months happily because she knew that her child’s growing up in her body. After she had you, she took care of you and she is attentive to you until now. Moreover, she is very tired from her both work and house work. So, it’s a good chance for spending your time with mother on this day. You can give your mom the day off for relax and let her take it easy.

You may have little party in your family and buy some gift for your mother. If you don’t have any idea or still hesitate about the gift, I’d like to suggest you. Although I believe that every mother like everything that her child chooses for her, it will be better to give the thing that is favorable. Firstly, I want you to think about your mother’s favorite thing or concern about her personality. For example, Flower in both buying fresh flower and hand made flower you make by yourself. If you have enough money for buying brand name items like cosmetic, perfume, bag, wallet, cloth, watch and shoes, it’s also the good idea because I think almost women love these things.

Lastly, I hope you can make this Mother’s day to be the best day in this year for your mother. Don’t forget to hug her and tell her that you really love her!…I think you’ve already know about it.





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