Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LEGO Digital Camera

When I was young, I really like to play LEGO very much. What is your LEGO castle missing? I's got a moat, a drawbridge, guard towers, a keep, archers to shoot at invaders. Why not bring it into the future with a security system for today’s invasions? These days you can't just shoot people willy-nilly. You need photographic proof of invasion, and do we ever have the product to help you get that proof.

LEGO Digital Camera

This totally functional 3 megapixel digital camera is built out of red, yellow, green and blue LEGO bricks and can be built in to your existing LEGO structures. Blind the invaders with the integrated flash, download the photo to your castle's security office via USB cable, and then print out a picture of the invaders' arrow-perforated bodies to hang up as a deterrent to future invaders. Your LEGO castle means business.





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