Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why Cry Baby Analyzer

Do you know why baby cry in each time? Hungry, wet, cold, hot and more reasons... Controlling the cries of an inconsolable baby is one of the first true tests any parent goes through. It's one of those things that will keep you up all night regardless of which sleep medication you prefer. Sure, you have to be to work at sunrise, but they don't know that! All they know is that they are NOT happy! And while putting in Episode IV may work when you're upset, children are an entirely different monster.

The Why Cry Baby Analyzer is the baby monitor of your dreams! Its advanced frequency analysis technology only needs 20 seconds to let you know why your child is screaming to the heavens. Whether your baby is Stressed, Sleepy, Annoyed, Bored or Hungry, this device will identify it on its LCD screen. In addition to being very portable, adjustable velcro strap for easy attachment, it comes equipped with a symptoms chart and guide with tips on how to properly stimulate your child's development. Not to mention being your ticket to some peace and quiet!





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