Monday, September 26, 2011

Put a kitchen in your car

There aren’t many electric appliances you can’t plug into your car these days. The old cigarette lighter power point has been put to use in modern cars in ways in which the old smokers of yesteryear would hardly have imagined. How often do you see an executive parked up on the roadside with his laptop plugged in to a USB port whilst talking on his/her mobile phone and maybe even making a quick cup of coffee at the same time?
Meanwhile, a family on a day out has a cool-box plugged in, the kids watching their portable DVD player plug-in, and the parents putting points of interest into the satnav.
In short, family cars are absolutely stuffed with electronics these days – whether as portable plug-ins or as part of the car’s spec.
Some people take things a stage further. On camping trips in 4x4 cars, for example, singles, couples and families can have a virtual kitchen on hand in their favourite vehicle.
Portable microwaves, portable fridges and tea and coffee-makers are just some of the kitchen gadgets that you can stick into the cigarette lighter.
The microwave is a particular boon, though, for motorists tired of balancing sandwiches and crisps on their laps in the layby. It makes good, hot food available in interesting varieties that can be safely and hygienically stored in the car for months or even years without losing freshness. It’s also good for emergencies. When the snow and ice comes and the AA reminds you to take a hot flask and a blanket – just take the latter and don’t worry about the hot drinks and food if you have an in-car microwave.
But do make sure your battery is up to the task!





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