Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A personalised motoring gift

It’s often tricky to decide what kind of present to buy a special person in your life. But if someone you know has just changed their car, a new car offers all kinds of possibilities for different gifts to buy.
One thing that relatively few people have is their own personalised number plate. In the days before the internet, this used to be a difficult thing to organise, bu now it’s really simple.
There are all kinds of websites to buy personalised plates from, but you can also buy them direct from the DVLA. You can buy online from a choice of millions of different registrations, or bid for a registration at an actual or online auction.
Additional to the cost of the plate itself is £80 for an assignment fee. You’ll also have to pay separately to get the physical plates made up, once you have purchased your new registration.
If you’re buying the registration as a gift for someone else, your name will be registered as the purchaser name, and the person who the registration is for will be the nominee. The registration can then be put on the purchaser’s or the nominee’s vehicle, so you can keep your gift a secret until you’re ready to reveal it.
So, how do you decide which registration to choose for someone? Try putting their initials into the search box, and the results will throw up the closest plates available. Alternatively, put in their first name, favourite football team, a hobby, or their business. You might even be inspired by whether they drive a hybrid, 4x4 or electric car, and link their personalised plate to that in some way.
There are millions of registrations to choose from – it’s really a question of how much time you want to spend looking online, and how much money you’re willing to spend!





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