Monday, November 14, 2011

A car and scooter combo

The inconvenience of walking anywhere is about to become a thing of the past. Contrary to the notion that we need to do more exercise to stop the world having an even larger obese population that it already does, a car has been designed with a foldaway scooter in the back – to avoid the irritation of having to walk a long distance from where you’ve parked your car.


Previewed at the Shanghai Motor Show, the McCar is a car that contains a three-wheeled scooter. Built by Geely, the company that owns Volvo, McCars will be made available as fully electric vehicles, and as hybrids. The scooter will be electric, and have a full charge range limit of 18km – which should be plenty of distance to get from even the furthest parking lot!

So, the McCar takes park and ride to a more personal level – you can park in the free or lower priced parking in the suburbs, but instead of taking the bus into town with everyone else, you’ll have your own carpark-to-shop transport in the boot.

The car is an ultra compact, with two doors and four seats. Once the scooter is docked in the boot, the car battery and electric motor charge the scooter and the car itself. If required the scooter can be removed and the space is big enough to accommodate a standard folding wheelchair, so it’s a very flexible design.

The electric McCar has a full charge range of 93 miles and can reach 52mph. The hybrid version has an all-electric range of 31 miles, but with the petrol engine has an extended range of 373 miles.

The McCar is still a concept vehicle at the moment, but if it proves to be a success in China, then it’s likely that it could soon widen the range of eco cars UK consumers can choose from.





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