Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas stocking car gadgets

In the run up to Christmas, every girlfriend or wife who has a difficult to please partner when it comes to choosing a present is sure to find some kind of car gadget that will appeal for Christmas.

Of course, new cars today come with a host of gadgets. Even items that you might not consider ever buying can come in handy – for example, all Honda CR-Vs come with a fold down picnic table in the boot.

Still, whether your car is old or new, you can always find a gadget that your loved one hasn’t yet got. Here are just a few examples.

Remote start
You can install a gadget that installs remote start in your car. That way you can start the car just by pressing a button on your key fob. An added bonus for winter months is that you can warm up the interior of the car before you get in, too.

An almost essential to be safe on the road and stay in touch. Getting a Bluetooth headset will make it much safer to be on the phone while driving.

iPod connect
The perfect gift is being able to drive along to your favourite tunes. Getting an in-car iPod connection will mean there’s no need to download tunes onto CD anymore.

Lane Departure Warning system
Something that’s ideal for people whose minds tend to wander as they’re driving along. Lessen the chance of any accidents by buying this gadget. It picks up any deviation by the car using a small camera or speed sensor.

Many of the main carmakers like Honda, Ford, and Toyota include GPS as standard in their higher spec models. And even for those cars that don’t have it, pretty much everyone has already bought one of these now as an add-on, but you can still find the odd dinosaur who refers to a road atlas for navigation. Drag them into this century by buying them a satnav for Christmas!





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