Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The in-car gadget choice picks

These days, there are loads of in-car gadgets to choose from. A lot of manufacturers like Honda are past masters at building in devices you really need – as opposed to those you don’t – or only want for the fun of it.

But which of these superfluous options are the best / most essential / most fun? Fear not, we’ve done the research for you and here’s our definitive list:

First off, you need a multi-use in vehicle charger with USB port/s and dual 12 Volt sockets. Otherwise, most of the gadgets you have won’t be useable.

One that will is an in-car table for the kids in the back that fit on the back of the front seats. They’re invaluable for families with young children on long journeys for all their activities and, of course, eating.

You will need your adaptor for your in-car DVD player and this is an absolute essential. Any parent that has tried one will tell you; they’ll never do a long journey again with kids without the DVD player!

Next – consider a portable vacuum cleaner. Dirty cars are depressing to be in, whilst getting out the main vacuum cleaner at home is awkward; so you don’t do it that often. With a portable one that stows away in the boot easily – you tend to use it little and often and that’s a far better idea.

A rechargeable LED torch is also useful. If you’ve ever broken down in the dark – you’ll already know this.

An iPod cradle is pretty much a ‘given’ these days. Just get one that’s easy to install and which won’t fall over!

An LED car signal can also be a lot of fun to sends quick and easy messages to other drivers like: “Sorry”! "Thanks" will also prove useful.

And if you want to be environmentally friendly – then sticking an Econav system in green cars like hybrids is something of a ‘belt and braces’ approach as the system takes you on the most fuel-efficient routes.





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