Friday, December 23, 2011

Civic 2012 gadget car king

If you’re a sucker for in-car gadgets, you’re going to love the new honda civic 2012.

The new model from Honda of the car that helped make the company what is is today - is choc-full of the latest telemetry, ‘infotainment’ and other gadgets.

Honda has always enjoyed a reputation for including gadgets in its cars as standard that you didn’t even know you wanted – and hadn’t even heard of – before you realised they were available; then you decide you don’t want to be without them ever again!

The brand new Civic takes all this to a new level. An intelligent Multi-Information Display forms a five-inch colour screen alongside the digital speedometer and provides an absolute battery of information about the journey and the car’s performance.

An auxiliary-input jack and MP3/WMA playback are included as standard in-car components across the Honda Civic 2012 range.

The same goes for the USB port and Bluetooth on all models except the basic DX sedan; whilst an XM radio, and a sat-nav system with bilingual voice recognition are included on EX-L and Si and Hybrid models.

The two-tier instrument panel works well, and is needed for all the gadgetry, whilst the switchgear is ergonomically very well-designed.

An optional extra gadget is the power seat - on the EX-L sedan you can opt for the eight-way power seat to get even more comfortable as you settle down to look at all that digital display information.

It really is a car for the era of smart technology. But further down the line, the car itself from Honda will become the gadget it seems. At the recent Tokyo Motor Show, the company unveiled its tiny “Micro Commuter” car powered by a 3.3kWh lithium-ion battery with a maximum speed of just 37mph, and a range of 37 miles, which is totally connected with smart phone technology; able to download destinations, appointments and other info - display it on the dashboard.





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