Monday, January 9, 2012

Why not hire a hybrid first?

If you’re thinking about joining in the green motoring trend but aren’t really sure whether it’s the right thing for you – why not try hiring one first?

An increasing number of car rental firms now offer hybrids and green cars, from manufacturers including Honda and Toyota, to rent to motorists who have a bit of a green conscience. And a test drive just isn’t the same thing. You only truly get to know the feel and overall operation of a car when you drive it over long distances and in different situations over at least a few days. Its strong and weak points become all too apparent.

The same goes for electric vehicles. These are also available to hire with some of the bigger, better-known car rental companies, though these are mainly in and around major cities as of course, the rental agency needs to organising recharging for you.

There are no such problems with hybrid cars though. So it’s a good idea to do all the research you can on what the best hybrid option is for you before deciding which one to rent. The Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight are perhaps the best well known of the hybrids, but there are an ever increasing number from which to choose.

So if you’re at all nervous about buying into the hybrid boom, renting one is a great way to truly gauge what each new car offers.

And just in case you aren’t familiar with hybrid car technology - they have a petrol (or diesel) engine to power them, combined with an electric motor. The latter helps the engine when the car is accelerating, so less fuel is used and the harmful emissions to the atmosphere are minimised.





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