Monday, January 16, 2012

Honda’s incredible micro commuter

If you don’t know what went on at the recent Tokyo Motor Show – a biannual motor show in Japan’s capital city, you might not know what the future holds for car gadgets. Fortunately, I’m able to tell you – and the big news is that the car itself is the new gadget; I’m completely serious!

What happens at these really big motor shows (and perhaps none more so than in Japan which has really been the single most innovative country when it comes to motoring technology over the last half century) is that we see the cars we’ll be driving maybe five years from now. Or I should say that we see the cars something like the ones we’ll soon be driving. And if the future cars are anything like the Honda micro commuter, then I can’t wait.

The micro commuter concept car looks incredible. It’s a small plastic framed all-electric vehicle (or so it looks), which is rechargeable and has a range of almost 40 miles between recharging. So it is a city car – hence the name. And when, in the future, there are recharging points all over the place, I don’t think the limited range of such eco cars will really be a problem for commuters. And you can bet that when the real car model comes out in a few years’ time, battery technology will have improved along with the range and speed.

At the moment, the vehicle will only do up to 37 miles per our. But really, if you live in a big city – when do you ever get up to 37!? The chance would be a fine thing!

The micro commuter is tiny, but it still seats three people. And you can even change the body styling by choosing different panels when you feel like it.

Personally, I can’t wait till it’s really here.





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